Leevz.io is a free survival iogame. It is a game of plants fighting each other and leveling up to be the best. Choose between 3 different plants from a wide range of classes and level up to become a more powerful plant! HOW TO PLAY LEEVZ.IO When you start the game you can choose a pansy (ranged), a rose (melee) or a mushroom (magic). PANSY- Send seeds flying directly at your opponents! ROSE- Equipped with military grade thorns, you can pierce through anything! MUSHROOM- Surprise your enemies with a splash of poison! Earn XP by killing other players or farming water droplets, sunbeams, fertilizer and insects. When you level up, you can upgrade to a different plant, all the way up to a giant tree! Each plant has different abilities, which makes them different from each other and improves combat. CONTROLS Move with WASD and aim with the mouse. Primary skill: Left click Secondary skill: Right click or R Special ability: E Auto fire primary skill: T Auto Spin: Y