SuperCTF is a multiplayer MOBA shooter in which you work in teams of 1 to 4 players to capture the enemy's flag while defending your own!

Players can choose from multiple classes, weapons, skills and utilities to engage in constantly changing clashes and strategies. Maps are diverse and have special power-ups to make objectives more interesting.

The game works very well as both a casual and competitive game - there is a ranked leaders system that displays the top 80 players on the main game page, constantly updated. This comes along with an ELO system based on the MMR.


Come and join our Discord at : 
The game is just a great compilation of suggestions made by people who joined our Discord. If you want to participate, join us. We also have a weekly meeting to get great 4v4 games, etc. and if you want to join come join the Discord.



The game is played with keyboard and mouse but still works fine on a laptop with touchpad (I, the creator, personally play it on a trackpad). The game is also compatible with mobile but it is recommended to use a computer.