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Zor.bio (Not Zorb.io) is a game in which you play as a sphere, flying in a 3-Dimentional world. You control your sphere with the mouse: the sphere follows mouse position and boosts when you hold the left mouse button down. All the cubes floating around are objects you can collect to grow bigger; it's harder to catch them than you think! You aim is to just get as big as you can by eating players and going up the leaderboard. You can eat players surrounded by green borders (smaller than you) and yellow borders (just a little smaller that you). Be careful while boosting toward players with yellow borders to eat them because you may end up close to them and (oh no!) smaller than them since boosting uses some mass! If a player is surrounded by a red border, they can eat you! But if you keep a careful distance, you can drain some of their mass!

Want your video here? Upload a video about this game to YouTube with https://iogames.top at the top of the description, and then send me the link through the Contact form.

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