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Hordes.io Review: A fun and interactive game of Grinding.

User Rating: 9.5

Hordes.io. At first glance, it may look a little blocky. But this game, in and of itself, is very unique and time-filling. Most people will start playing and love it off the bat. I am going to give my own review, as well as a small guide to the game at the end for those who get confused. Hordes.io is a 3d real-time MMO, and though very simple, very fun to play. It includes PvP that you find on most .io games with good PvE aspects. You have four classes to choose from, and each class has its own skills. Your character is also permanent, as long as you keep the save code that you get from clicking the small character icon in the top right of the screen, so don’t worry about losing everything when you leave. There are two factions to choose from, though this usually doesn’t matter, since neither of them give a bonus. It’s easy to level up in the early game, but it really starts getting grindy after level 20. Here’s where I’ll get into explaining the game in-depth. Your four classes are much like your standard MMO. You’ve got a Tank, a Healer, a Mage, and an Archer. They all come with four class-specific skills that can’t be changed as of yet. When you kill enemies, they give you a set number of XP and Gold. The amount you earn depends on how much damage you do to the enemy when it dies. This allows for a split-party XP and Gold system that is very nice. Leveling gives you a little bit more health, and increases your damage multiplier. In order to upgrade your skills, you must purchase them with gold. They increase at a near-steady doubling for each level. This makes it difficult to level them up later on. The effectiveness of each skill increases by 10% with each upgrade. All skills start out at 50% effectiveness. There are four enemy types that I have seen in the game. Normal Monsters (1x XP), Knight Monsters (5x XP + 2x Gold), Golden Knight Monsters (10x XP + 3x Gold), and Golden King Monsters (Super Rare, 50x XP + 10x Gold). Normal Monsters are your standard enemies. They take damage, and have no armor. Knight Monsters are a step upgrade from normal, and have some armor against all attacks. Golden Knight monsters have average armor, and do not take much damage. Golden King Monsters have very high armor, and hardly take any damage, anything between you not doing any damage, to it taking around 10-12 damage if you’re a high enough level. Each type of monster can spawn at any level, but I’ve only seen a Golden King spawn at level 50. Lastly, PvP. There are two spawns for each team on the map. They are all located in pairs close to each-other. So if your team spawn is on the side of a valley, expect the other team to be on the other side of the valley. New players are safe from PvP until level 9. You will hit this quickly if you know how to play the basics. If you want a pure DPS character for PvP, I suggest the Archer, as it can deal the most damage of all four classes. You get Fame for killing players, but no XP. You get hats at certain levels of fame, which you can see on the Wiki. It goes in this order: Iron Helm, Silver Helm, Golden Helm, Iron Crown, Silver Crown, Golden Crown. The leaderboard on the right shows you who has the most Fame out of all the players online on every server. Online is the keyword. That means if you have leaderboard fame and you get off, you won’t be on the leaderboard until you get back on. I hope this review/guide helps, and Happy Hunting!

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