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Splix.io is a cool new .io game, which combines game mechanics of snake, with an innovative gameplay. You start in a colored block in the middle of a giant map. Your goal is to increase the size of the blocks by enclosing more blocks outside your block, but be careful, if someone crashes into you while you are outside, YOU will die.

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User Reviews Of Splix.io:

Splix.io Review: Fun But Never Play This

This game puts me right next to another player coming straight at me every time. It’s like it wants me to lose. Also, it gets a glitch...[Read More]

Splix.io Review: Freezes All The Time

this game freezes alot and half the time it wont even connect to the server. i have been trying to play for 3 hours now and it wont connect ...[Read More]

Splix.io Review: Needs work but has potential

This game is full of bots, bugs and lag that make it impossible to play. Please make the game more fair to play. The idea has a lot of poten...[Read More]

Splix.io Review: the game sucks

ok so when you go to kill someone it doesn’t work the game is a glitch to get you mad or something iv been playing for like 2 hours an...[Read More]

Splix.io Review: Huge potential

This game is simple and has huge potential. You are in a grid. You can travel to the left, right, up and down leaving a trail behind you. Wh...[Read More]

Splix.io Review: Terrible

slplixio is a terrible game that drains you for money using ads and other stuff guys its not even fun it doesnt keep you entertained and the...[Read More]

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