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In, you take control of a round shooting spaceship. Your target is to destroy other spaceships to get bigger. The movement is handled with...[Read More]


User Avg is one of the most popular .io games. Based on the old game "Snake" that was popular in the first mobile phones, this games takes web gamin...[Read More]


User Avg is a space-themed game where two teams of spaceships fight each other. Like in, spaceships can be upgraded and evolved. Your go...[Read More]


User Avg

In you play as a round tank. Unlike agario, in this game you don't get bigger, but collect experience destroying NPCs and other players, Yo...[Read More]


User Avg

In, you control a fighter jet and you goal is to kill as much enemies as possible. Different types of weapons (like rockets, triple bullets, ...[Read More]


User Avg is the game that started it all. The objective of the game is simple, as a cell, you have to eat other cells to get bigger, and try to not get...[Read More]


User Avg is a cooperative maze game in which you are put together with other "cursors", and your goal is to advance through the levels. ...[Read More]

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