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User Avg is an io game but with some innovative features. You start playing as a mouse, and the map is full with berries (red dots) and wa...[Read More]


User Avg is a weird io game, where, as the name implies, all you do is bash other players by spinning with a hammer. What makes this game funny, is t...[Read More]


User Avg is basically a clone of, but with skills (you can speed up like in, and also become invisible for a period of time) an...[Read More]


User Avg is a cool original cooperative .io game, inspired in many historic zombie games/mods. At the start of each round, one person becomes a zomb...[Read More]


User Avg is the io version of Left 4 Dead. Cooperate with other players to defeat incoming waves of zombies with guns.


User Avg is a MMO io game where you play as a spiked ball armed with a huge weapon. You control your character with WASD, and the weapon with your mous...[Read More]


User Avg is a game just like, but with a ton of gamemodes. There's not much to say about it, just play it if you are an fan.


User Avg is an .io game similar to Your goal is to collect mass and grow, and you can use your left-click to dash in front of other players...[Read More]


User Avg is an like game where you are a blue orb in a world filled with red orbs. You use your mouse to shoot mass and impulse yourself tow...[Read More]


User Avg is a like .io game where you play as a ship with cannons at both sides. As you play and collect cash, you will be able to upgrade y...[Read More]


User Avg is an online racing game with .io characteristics. You start by choosing a name and a car class (Racer, Bully, Flash, Hazard, Buster, Ambul...[Read More]


User Avg takes you to a virtual arena where you become a heavy armed kart. You increase your score by collecting the "energy balls" all over the ma...[Read More]

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