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User Avg is a top down .io shooter similar to You spawn in a big, green map with weapons you can pick up. As soon as you see another play...[Read More]


User Avg is a both cute and original game where you play as a narwhale (if it wasn't obvious) and your goal is to stab other narwhales using your h...[Read More]


User Avg is, like the game implies, a tanks game. It's game style is a mix of and you can eat blobs to grow, but you can also shoot ...[Read More]


User Avg is a new io game. It combines and upgrades system, with a bit of mechanics. You play as an arrow in a big map fi...[Read More]


User Avg is another spaceship game, with some cool features. First you choose a ship, customize it, and then you are ready to start destroying en...[Read More]


User Avg is a cool new .io game, which combines game mechanics of snake, with an innovative gameplay. You start in a colored block in the middle of a ...[Read More]


User Avg is a shooter game with a few survival elements. You start in a corner of a big map, filled with weapons and ammo you can pick up. Only the st...[Read More]


User Avg is a 2d top-down shooter game with classes and a lot of action. Start the game by choosing a class: mage, rogue or warrior. Once in ...[Read More]


User Avg is a top-down tank game filled with power-ups and non-stop action. In this war-ambiented game, you play as a tank in a battlefield filled ...[Read More]


User Avg is an online multiplayer version of Flappy Birds. The game style is the same, click to jump and pass between the pipes, but this time you ...[Read More]


User Avg is a Massive Multiplayer Online game where you play as a cute cell. The are "blobs" on the map you can eat to grow, and you can hold click pr...[Read More]


User Avg is a 3d online multiplayer tank battle game. Controls are a bit clunky, use WASD to drive and the mouse to point and shoot. There are differen...[Read More]

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