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User Avg is an interesting io game with touches of and You play as a triangle-shaped character, whose tail can hold triangle-shape...[Read More]


User Avg is a funny io game with characteristics from both and, but distinct enough to not look like a clone. Your character is a funn...[Read More]


User Avg is the io version of Left 4 Dead. Cooperate with other players to defeat incoming waves of zombies with guns.


User Avg is a like .io game where you play as a ship with cannons at both sides. As you play and collect cash, you will be able to upgrade y...[Read More]


User Avg takes you to a virtual arena where you become a heavy armed kart. You increase your score by collecting the "energy balls" all over the ma...[Read More]


User Avg is an 80's arcade styled .io space shooting game. It is level based, so you get experience by killing other people, and get new weapons when y...[Read More]


User Avg is a top down .io shooter similar to You spawn in a big, green map with weapons you can pick up. As soon as you see another play...[Read More]


User Avg is another spaceship game, with some cool features. First you choose a ship, customize it, and then you are ready to start destroying en...[Read More]


User Avg is a shooter game with a few survival elements. You start in a corner of a big map, filled with weapons and ammo you can pick up. Only the st...[Read More]


User Avg is a 2d top-down shooter game with classes and a lot of action. Start the game by choosing a class: mage, rogue or warrior. Once in ...[Read More]


User Avg is a 3d online multiplayer tank battle game. Controls are a bit clunky, use WASD to drive and the mouse to point and shoot. There are differen...[Read More]


User Avg is a top-down shooting game. There are multiple gamemodes (like deatchmatch and team deathmatch) and each match has a time limit. There a...[Read More]

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