Xess.io is a chess inspired game designed for the io genre. You start as a king, capture pieces to help protect your king and add to your side of the board, after that your goal is to try to conquer the map. Knowing the basic rules of chess will help you understand how to thrive in this massively multiplayer chess world.

How to play.

Although this game is not exactly like chess just remember that it is played by the same rules, if your king is taken you lose so it is incredibly important to keep your king safe before anything else. One of the biggest differences with chess is that in Xess there are no turns, you simply move your pieces as many times as you want, although you still have to follow the official moves of each piece. Due to this fact, pieces like the queen have great value as they are able to move in any direction. To thrive in this game you have to be quick and have a good awareness of all your pieces.




To play Xess.io all you need is a mouse, all pieces are controlled by clicking and then clicking elsewhere to move to any selected square afterwards. The camera can also be controlled with the mouse, simply drag off the screen to move the camera to the cursor.