66 is a physics-based multiplayer io soccer game where you can compete with others solo or in teams! Fight for rewards in leagues, earn coins and customize your player with jerseys, emotes, sprays and much more. See you on the field!

How to play TEAMBALL.IO

Use the mouse to control your player. Kick the ball with the left click, sprint with the right click.

You can use the keyboard in the settings. Try W,S,A,D or the arrow keys to move. Press SPACE to kick, Q to sprint.

Search for a solo/team league match or organize a friendly custom game with your friends.

Chat with others in the ingame system or in Teamball's discord channel.


You can zoom in with the mouse wheel.

Don't waste your stamina. Save it for the actions.

You can push your opponent while trying to take aim.

Playing against higher level players can be challenging, but rewarding.

You can open the profile screen by clicking on a player or a name in the league.