Tankar.io is another cool io game in which you control a tank in a free-for-all or team environment. Around the map there are orbs that increase in size as well as other players to shoot, killing other players will drop the mass they have collected for you to pick up. Watch out for the shapes around the map, they are normally safe to drive through, but if they turn red and you drive through them they do incredibly high damage!


How to play


Whether you play free-for-all or team deathmatch, your goal is to tank your enemies and become the biggest and baddest tank. To achieve this goal you can either collect mass from other players or drive around collecting the orbs that appear passively, increasing your size will increase the size/damage of your projectiles as well so it is highly recommended!



The WASD controls the movements of your tanks, the space bar or left mouse button can be used to fire.