About Orbs.it is an online multiplayer game in which 8 players battle to control 24 orbs as they orbit around a central "sun". Fast-paced, competitive gameplay sessions and weekly online leaderboards.

About Orbs.it.

How to play Orbs.it


Click on one of your orbs to select it (you start with a single orb). Shoot from your orb by clicking on the target position (or swiping if you're on a touchscreen device). If your bullet hits another orb, you take control of it. Players with no orbs left are eliminated. The last player alive is the winner.
There are two power-ups to use: a super bomb (key: X), and a shield (key: C). Additional charges of power-ups are earned as the game progresses.


Orbs.it strategy


This is a game of skill, requiring good accuracy with your shots. Try to keep your orbs grouped together rather than scattered around the arena, and keep an eye out for other players taking your orbs away.