68 is an io office simulator game where you are the boss. Have you ever wanted to take control, be the boss and run your business with an iron fist? Well now, with, you can! is a resource management and work simulation game. You'll have to hire new employees, keep morale high and make sure productivity stays high as your stock goes up, up, up. Weight is the head that wears the crown and so you'll need to invest in bigger offices, middle management and a variety of extracurricular things in the office to keep your employees happy, content and most importantly profitable. Extract excess value from their work and build a mighty castle in the sky. Remember that your decisions will have an impact on the overall well-being of the company's employees. If they are unhappy, they will begin to crack under the pressure, behave strangely and, most importantly, be less effective at generating revenue for your company. So, yes, you should hire employees and accept or reject their requests. But always remember to be careful. Your decisions will make your employees happy or sad. If motivation is too low, employees will do crazy, unprofitable things.