68 is a zombie survival game set in the modern world. What makes it unique is the noise and apocalypse mechanics. Most of the actions you take will create noise which in turn will alert the zombies. After level 3 you encounter Apocalypse which just means that there will be a lot of zombies to get you.

Each level comes with a new perk and most of the items can be transformed into valuable resources used to build your defenses.

How to play

Nightwalkers is played with the default controls for a top-down shooter.

WASD moves the character while rotating towards the mouse cursor

Left mouse click shoots while the right mouse button activates the melee which takes down the zombies and gives you a bit of a breather.

The B or E key opens the construction menu

. strategy


It is very important to build in Fortifications such as walls combined with traps and turrets play an important role.

A different approach is to be stealthy, the less movement and attack you perform, the less zombies you will attract.