66 is a city survival game in which you can grow up, grow old and be reborn. Sleep, eat, have fun and go to the bathroom. To survive, you will have to find a job, and buy buildings.

Find a successor worthy of your ambitions and try not to end your life by going through the garbage!

How to play


Arrow keys or WASD keys to move
Left click to hit
E or SPACE to interact
Right click to delete an element
M for map strategy


Sleep, eat, have fun and go to the bathroom


Sleep in a bed. The better your bed, the better your sleep
will be. To eat, buy food from a distributor, a supermarket or a junk. Some foods have a special effect.

Improve your mood by dancing, taking some medicine/food or shopping for clothes.

Gain money

Work on a computer, find money on the roads or kill people. Once you have enough, you can buy a building to get commissions every second.

Every time someone buys something in your building, you get money.

Increase your skills
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Every year, you can improve your character in :

Computation, Trade, Strength, Speed, Inventory, Search, Mood, Food, Sleep, and Grooming


Get a successor
Before you die, think about buying a successor in a nursery.

The more skills your successor has, the more expensive it will be.