Mine-craft.io is a minecraft based game. In Mine Craft, you can do the same as in a normal minecraft and even more!

Get resources, build houses and various mechanisms, make friends, protect yourself from the evil mobs of the night and aggressive players.

WASD (or arrow keys) - move
F - open/close the player's inventory
Left shift - run
Enter - chat
Left mouse button - attack (hold to shoot with bow)
Right mouse button - action (set block, open block inventory, use teleport)

Keys 1 to 8 - change active item in quick inventory
Q - release the active item
Esc - close the active window / open the game menu


Basic chat commands:
/spawn - teleport to the spawn
/home - teleport to spawn
/team.list - list of players in the team
/team.invite <Player name> - invites a player to the team
/team.kick <Player's name> - kick a player out of the team
/team.leave - leave the team
/team.accept - accept team's invitation
/sc - suicide