71 is an awesome cannon shooting game on the seas in a 3d environment. You start on one of two teams indicated by colors and control a ship with a cannon that goes around destroying other ships. This game is great fun to play with friends or even solo, as you can dismantle a fleet single-handedly if you are skilled enough. Be careful though, there are some AIs roaming the sea and they are on huge pirate ships that require your team to cooperate to take them out.

How to play


To succeed in you're going to have to practice steering quite a bit, when I first played the controls felt a bit weird as you move your cannon around the ship to steer it, doing this obviously changes where you shoot from so you need to adjust before attacking. Teamwork is crucial on the seas, a captain is only as strong as his crew after all, on that note there are actually chosen captains for squadrons, these will be chosen at random and replaced once the captain dies, as far as I know it doesn't give you any other benefits apart from being able to issue orders in chat.



Use the WASD keys to move your cannon on the ship, which will steer it in the direction you're heading, and use the mouse to steer your ship/aim your cannon.