Hordes.io is a team based io game in which you fight zombies with everything from magic to cannons. It is one of the most unique games we present, initially a massive difference is its 3d appearance and gameplay, you roam around this 3d environment and aim to defeat the monsters either solo or by teaming up with other players around the map.

How to play


In proper mmo fashion you are given a choice of 4 starting classes, these are warrior(tank), ranger(ranged damage), mage(ranged damage) and a healer(support) you start in a safe area of the map surrounded by high level npc guards and other players. Your job as an adventurer is to rid the world of the evil npcs that appear in the surrounding area and gain experience to unlock new skills and become stronger. As you get stronger, lower level enemies die quickly, but as you head north you will encounter bigger and badder enemies that will be more challenging (giving more experience respectively).



Your character is controlled with the WASD keys, the mouse can be used to rotate the camera and also to select enemies/allies to attack/help. Lastly your abilities are found on the 1-4 keys but all can be bounced to different deaths once you are in the game!