68 is a 2D shooting game in which you can team up with other players to kill monsters and other opponents. Kill players, monsters, dig blocks, become bigger, build base, skill your player, chose one of   14 unique class,   earn points and unlock new map and skins, get all weapons and blocks, build respawn, chest, gates, be the beast one the map and get the gold crown


How to play


To get points :dig blocks,build blocks,kill players,kill monsters


To give skills select class to your player and be the beast on the map :)

To get points :dig blocks,build blocks,kill players,monsters

Controls :

A,S,D,W - Movement keys

Arrow (up, down, left, right) - Movement keys

Movement keys

1,2,3,4 - slot selection

Enter - chat



In the bottom left corner you have skill points try new combinations and find which one is the beast for you build castles and defend them always build respawn(bed) to have respawn, get new weapons try new classes, there are 14 unique classes choose which one is the beast for you