70 is a multiplayer racing game between snakes. Welcome to, a new massively multiplayer online game, inspired by the classic Snake and Tron light cycles, but this time against real players! You play as a slithering snake creature, and your goal is to become the biggest by collecting as many glowing orbs as possible, while avoiding collisions with competitors. Even if you start small, you have the chance to fight and beat the bigger ones by using your skills. Be smart with your strategy and become the best on the leaderboard. Game controls The controls are quite simple: move the mouse to change direction, and hold down the left mouse button or the Space key to gain speed. While in accelerated mode, you gradually lose length, so use this ability wisely. The game is also adapted to mobile devices with touch screens. When you touch the screen, a joystick will appear, after which you must slide to change the direction of movement. To move in accelerated mode, tap and swipe in succession. Settings You can adjust certain game preferences in the dedicated menu, which appears when you press the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of the main screen. In particular, in case your device is a low-end device, you can reduce the graphics quality and frame rate, which can help the game run more smoothly in some cases.