Forge of Empires


Forge of Empires is a multiplayer tower defense game in which you must create an almighty empire.

Empire's do not come into this world fully formed by the whims of an almighty creator. No, all empires are forged on a lathe soaked in the blood of time, trials and dominion. Only the mightiest can succeed in their inevitable goal of conquering the horizon and taming the wilderness of the unknown regions. Can you guide your people from a fledgling tribe to a thriving empire? Will your guidance be enough to overcome the bronze age, navigate the silver age, enjoy the golden age and reach full platinum? Can you move from sticks and stones to space civilization? That's the ultimate test of all who stand before Forge of Empires, an MMO game that rewards long-term strategy, short-term tactics and the iron will and intuitive genius to know when to use the better of the two.  Compete against other players from around the world and hone your skills in managing resources, building cities, negotiating trade routes and build an empire that will last a thousand years. An empire of reason, an empire of determination and an empire of fun


Game Instructions / How to Play:


Use the mouse to click on and through a variety of game menus. Select from a variety of options and deploy your choices at the appropriate times. Manage a variety of resources in the game and help to develop a thriving empire.