Extermination.io is a 2D shooting game in which your goal is to exterminate everything. Play through many unique levels and buy upgrades, set your loadout, and go into battle. There are a variety of different weapons to make the game more interesting, and you can even go into battle without a weapon. To defend yourself from enemies, you can buy armor in the store. You can wear a helmet and a torso item.

Extermination.io also comes with a full-featured level editor, so you can make and upload your own levels for other people to play.

In this game, it's important to manage your money. If you die, you will lose a large amount of your money, so you should buy items as soon as you get the chance. Also, there are powerful weapons in the game, but they are all useless if you don't have protection. It's important to know how much armor you need so you can use the rest of your money buying cool weapons.



To move, use WASD or the arrow keys. Use SPACE to pick up weapons from the ground. You can aim with the mouse and shoot with the left click.