66 is an io fighting platform game set on the planet Erth.

Welcome to Erth, adventurer!

Can you become the strongest adventurer on Erth? Find out by playing this exciting and unique platform fighting game! Collect flowers, kill monsters, and beat up enemy players as you fight to stay on top!

How to play and controls


W A S D = Move


Spacebar = Jump

Space bar = Jump

Mouse = Aim

Mouse = Aim

Mouse = Aim

Click = Attack

Spacebar = Attack

Right click = Stealth

The controls are simple: jump right in and get started!

Recommended strategies by

Try to stay away from other players until you reach level 15, where you can choose a more powerful job. Monsters are always a good way to accumulate experience to level up. But, killing other players will always be the fastest way to get to a high level!

Higher levels don't get *as* stronger than lower levels. If you see a high level guy with low HP, try to kill him to get a ton of EXP!!!