Drillz.io is a strategy io game in which you must drill to find treasures! Drillz.io is a game in which you play as a drill, and mine away at the various resources and minerals scattered around the world. The goal is to upgrade your drill until you get the most valuable/rare resource: Amethyst, and to do so without getting killed by other players on your journey. You can also build bases with the various blocks in the game!

How to play DRILLZ.IO

To play, simply use the LEFT CLICK to activate your drill. You can use your drill to mine resources, attack other players and destroy blocks. You can also press TAB to view your inventory. To move, simply use the W, A, S and D keys on your keyboard.

DRILLZ.IO Strategy

Upgrade your drill as much as you can. Upgrading your drill makes you MUCH more powerful than other players with worse drills. It increases your player size, and makes you do a LOT more damage. Try to avoid players early in the game so you can mine resources and upgrade your drill enough to protect yourself. Then go for the kill once you are powerful enough to increase your score!!