72 is a challenging multiplayer .io game about collecting resources and building a base alone or with your friends. Hit rocks and trees to collect stones and wood. You can use those resources to build walls and gold diggers.

Walls provide protection for your base. Walls provide protection for your base.

Gold diggers can give you gold. Gold diggers can provide you with gold over time.

As in most .io games, the objective is to level up by gathering resources.

Be sure to watch out for other people as they can be hostile and attack you at any time. Have fun!

Movement: W,A,S,DKeys
Pickup/Attack:LMB or Spacebar
Look: Mouse
Quick select [Health potion]: Q Key
br /> Quick select [Empty hands]: RMB
Automatic Attack: E key
Select item: 1-6 keys or Click
Inventory Window: I Key or Tab Key
Showcase: P key
Chat: Enter Key
Close windows: ESC Key