Battle for Cubeland


Battle for Cubeland is a free iogame. Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Cubeland, the coolest land ever. Cubeland is a free iogame that is all about collecting coins and dodging bad guys. In this game, you will compete to collect as many coins as possible and then in the multiplayer battle royale coin collecting game. Collect coins to escape elimination while avoiding enemies. They are fast, smart and ruthless. They will pounce on you the moment you stop moving and you will have to be smart, fast or lucky enough to dodge their deadly blows. If you want to survive you'll have to dodge them while collecting coins to avoid elimination.

Can you survive to the end?

 - battle royale games up to 32 players
classic (PvE) and PvP game modes
 - thousands of unlockable skin combos



- Mouse to move/scroll