68 is a unique and free tower defense iogame. Your kingdom is in the sky in this exciting action game where you must navigate your castle through the clouds to take down dragons, drakes or other players and their own custom castles. It's all-out war in the sky and there can only be one winner - will it be you or will you fall helplessly to earth? You move with your castle and kill drakes, dragons or players or you play peacefully and collect mana orbs to get XP. There is no maximum level, but after level 145 you can no longer upgrade your castle. New updates to the game raise that cap even higher. Each level gives you 1 upgrade point that helps you turn your little castle into a citadel from hell. The unique gameplay combines precision shooting with quick reflexes. Your arrows are affected by inertia and the time you have charged them. Moving and shooting is a great tactic for chasing people, as your arrows go farther. Each arrow type is unique and affects gameplay differently (bigger and slower, smaller and faster, etc)


The Drakes and Dragons that appear on the map scale with your level so you will always have a challenge but fear not as you can always escape them by sprinting (right mouse button)


Level up to 145

. has 145 level ups that you can unlock. Every time you die you lose half of those levels. This system is to avoid punishing the player as in other games where you have to start from scratch, we don't like that :( 


The other unlocks are purely cosmetic, because people want to look as evil as they do, right?

How to play

You move your floating castle with the WASD keys or the arrow keys.

Left mouse button: charge your attack


Right mouse button - sprint away from danger

. strategy


1. Focus on getting mana orbs at low levels, it's hard to kill dragons


2. Maximize towers and projectiles, walls are a great defense but will hinder you at low levels


3. Most small and medium towers shoot 1 arrow, tall towers shoot 2


4. Use Sprint (left mouse button) often at low levels, it reloads very fast