Call of War: World War 2


What if World War II was not exactly as we remember it? History is not written in stone and through war anything is possible. In this massively multiplayer online role-playing game you will embody a country during World War II. You will be able to choose between the Axis or Allied powers. Your decisions regarding the placement of infantry, attacks, the types of tanks and armor you buy, as well as what you invest in your navy and air force could completely redefine the course of human history. But conquest doesn't just happen at the end of a gun. In Call of War, you can not only conquer provinces, but also forge alliances with other players to build your own economy. At heart, Call of War is a game of resource management. Therefore, you will also invest time and money in researching secret weapons that could bring about the end of the war.



Become the one and only true superpower! Change history, reshape the state of the world in your own image! Simply use the mouse to navigate through the numerous menus in this game. Each menu has drop-down options from which you will choose various weapons, units, upgrades and other resources. Use the mouse to select and move units on the battlefield, use the mouse to choose where and what kind of bunker to build. The future of the world is up to you!