Buzzy Bees


Buzzy Bees is a multiplayer competitive game in which players must collect pollen to make beehives.



How to play:


Place your Hive and collect Pollen to make Honey. Make the biggest and strongest Hive of all.


Gather pollen by touching a flower.

Pick up the pollen by touching a flower.

Gather pollen by touching your hive.

Left-click - Use object/shoot.


B - Open store.

T - Equipment.


B - Open shop.

+ Hives and dead bodies now depawn correctly.

T - Equipment.

+ Retain your health/pollen upgrades when you die.

+ Equipment limits (5).


+ Teammates will all use/share the same Honey.


+ More items from the store, including Upgrades and stronger Stingers.

+ Get more loot from killing players and destroying hives.

+ Buy other Units to help you, such as Guards and Harvesters.