66 is a space io game in which you try to level up and upgrade as fast as you can, without crashing into asteroids, or getting killed by other players!


How to play

Collect fuel pods (red circular objects that spin) and use them to buy new ships that unlock abilities and are faster, with more HP. Level up to upgrade your ship by spending points on different attributes, such as radar, rate of fire and health regeneration.

Use the mouse to control the direction of your ship. Space bar or right click to move and left mouse click to fire your laser. Skills are activated with the number keys. Strategy

Watch the minimap closely for approaching hazards. The laser won't destroy the asteroids, so you'll have to maneuver around them.

Beware! The faster you go, the harder it will be to control your ship. Don't forget to spend points on the skill  "control". Use your laser to destroy other players and asteroids. Go for rate of fire and damage at the beginning, as it helps you destroy asteroids faster, which makes you level up and level up faster.