65 is a team-based iOs game in which you use archery to defeat your opponents. Like other multiplayer iO games, will also keep you hooked due to its unique game mechanics. You play as an archer equipped with unlimited arrows and a nice bow to fight against various archer opponents from all over the world. Move around the game stage, aim and shoot arrows to kill the enemies before they get rid of you. Your main goal is to survive as long as possible and reach the top of the leaderboard.

How to play

The gameplay of is quite simple and understandable. When you first enter the game's arena, you'll take control of your archer and move it around to fight enemies using the arrow keys, or WASD, or your mouse. The most important thing is how well you can use your bow and arrows to kill them. Therefore, you need to have your weapons ready all the time to be able to handle all the sudden attacks. Try to hold down the left mouse button to fill the energy bar and then release it to shoot the arrow. There are two types of attack, a normal one and a special one. If you want to use a special assault, then feel free to press the right mouse button. A normal assault can be done with the left mouse button. Be sure to aim with the mouse before you shoot. strategy


Being an ace of the whole arena in the game is not a difficult task, of course, if you learn some useful tips. In this game, if you use a normal attack, you can shoot your opponent faster, but the normal assault doesn't inflict much damage. For a special assault, it will take you a little bit longer to shoot the enemies, but it can help you to deal more damage.