YORG.io 3


YORG.io 3 is a unique combination of tower defense, zombies and strategy. It adds all-new content on top of the original YORG.io, which was played by over 2 million people!

You have to build your base and survive against the zombies who try to destroy it during the night. You will have to place mines and factories to build supply chains that produce ammunition for your defensive towers. Research and upgrade each tower to unlock its special abilities, and manage your factories to produce the optimal rate of resources!

YORG.io 3 introduces all-new content, with lots of new buildings and unique enemies. Progressively unlock towers like the new laser tower, and get ready for armored and invisible zombies, super-difficult bosses, map themes and much more. Plus, YORG.io 3 now features multiplayer! Play with your friends and battle in ranked matches to level up!