70 is a simple free sports-themed iogame. Dribble, shoot, score and WIN. Take the ball and take on the world with! Show your basketball skills in this game. Score more points than your opponent and become the champion. The game is devastatingly simple, all you have to do is get the ball and keep it away from your opponent. Then, once you have control of the ball, make a B-line straight towards the opposing player's basketball hoop and dunk to score some important points. This game also features great 3D animations that will help you enjoy and appreciate your victories. Every time you score a basket, you will see a pre-programmed animation of your character taking a breath before dunking over your opponents like the fools that they are.

How to play:

Use the mouse to take control of one player.

Move to avoid opposing players when you have the ball, and crash into them when you have the ball.

Take control of the ball and navigate toward the glowing green rectangle in order to trigger a point for your team.